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LAST UPDATED: 03/07/2018

My friends:

This page is not accessible from the menu, so if you are here it is because you found a link somewhere else about some goodies to check out. Let me be clear from the beginning: I am not the owner of the copyrights of whatever you find in this page and as such, I am not allowed to sell, knowingly share or freely distribute its content.

This page is just to show you what I have found on the internet or by other means and it is entirely up to you if you find a way to access its content, download it, keep it and use it.


By clicking on any link of this page you are accepting I am not liable in any form as a result of your actions on this page.

Being that said, sit down, have a coffee and enjoy!

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Understanding Fragrance Chemistry by Charles Sell, PhD
this is NOT the book, just the Workbook and Study Guide. (I might add the book eventually)
ISBN: 978-1-932633-45-0 -Allured Publishing Corporation

The Chemistry of Fragrances - From Perfumer to Consumer.

Edited by Charles Sell, PhD
ISBN-10: 0-85404-824-3 -RSC Publishing 



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