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When I started studying perfumery, I knew it was a path of no return. There was a lot to learn, not only about perfumes but about different applications that the "perfumery base mixes" could be applied to. I started experimenting, reading, contacting knowledgeable people, and at the end, defining the kind of products that I felt comfortable with.

With time, friends and family became willing testers of the different products I started making as a hobby and usually, the feedback was always the same: "This is good, you should sell it" and I hear that so many times that MxScents was born.When it came down to define what kind of company I wanted MxScents to be it was easy: I always considered myself a good guy with good values and that's exactly how the company should be: A good company with good values.

And what about the values?
Products good for our bodies: I would not let the greediness of making extra money jeopardize the quality and safety of the products. Full disclosure of what's in each product, and an explanation of why is there. If it is not 100% necessary, then it does not need to be there.

What good implies?
Well, whether you are religious or not, I am sure you've heard "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," That is GOOD for me: respect the other (the customer), listen to his/her needs, understand them and try to leave them pleased, so they come back for more. Exactly the way I like to be treated!

Mother nature give us so much and we seem to make an effort to hurt her in return. On a daily basis. We have to leave a better place for our next generations hence the commitment to use raw materials that are safe, renewable and ethically sourced. Unfortunately, at least for now, I have to rely on plastic bottles and containers, but with time, the idea of switching to glass or renewable sources containers exists.

Give back:
I've learned this at home, where my parents set, I think, an amazing example. Doesn't matter how good or bad you are doing, there is ALWAYS someone that is doing worse. And it does not only feel good to help without reason but it is the right thing to do as well. Ten percent of the profits of MxScents will be spent in helping others, through the literally thousands of ways of doing that.

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