Not sure which MxScent Cologne to choose?

Our Cologne Sampler is your best bet!


Individually priced at $14.99, this sample pack has been discounted more than 33%. You are only paying $9.99!


It includes five different colognes, each one in a 2ml vial size:


  • Envision Homme
  • Forza
  • Varon
  • Emerge
  • Just HIM 


Along with the sampler, you will receive a 10% discount code to use next time you shop with us.


Our Cologne Sampler makes an ideal gift for the holidays or any occasion.


Limit 3 per customer

COLOGNE Sampler 2ml. MINI Vials

$14.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price

VARON: Mysterious and unique. Not easy to read. Lime, earth, dry woods and mushrooms. A seductive beast. Can you hear the far away hints of flowers just camouflaging its ripe manliness? Musks have also been thrown in the concoction for you to enjoy.


FORZA, Night is yours: Spices with tiny hints of herbal practices in a bottle. Orange and mint are sprinkled on top. At one point, there is almost an emotion of rum that, as the night evolves, will slap your sanity and challenge your sense of smell. A masculine cologne that leaves a mark behind, along with a slight hint of chocolate!


EMERGE: Designed to free your inner-self. As you emerge, the different facets of this sophisticated cologne will surprise you for its modernity.  You might notice people getting closer to you: they might be trying to figure out what is that wonderful smell.


ENVISION HOMME: A strong mix of herbs, spices, and woods that calls the inner caveman out. For the active and dynamic man who is ready to be in charge and for whom adventure comes naturally. ENVISION HOMME, to be worn day or night. You can determine the right moment to use it. MxScents Envision Homme: Because you can. 



Leather and wood - Freshly tanned leather - Deep, mysterious wood.

Unique, strong, powerful and sensual.


Give this Cologne Sampler as a gift. Bring smiles and spread the love. 


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