BeLOG is a rose peachy creation with a marine background. Along these main notes, you will find some subtleties of spiciness that are played by carnation and a constant inkling of a green accent. There are other soft flowers playing along and at the end, some woods get wet as they clash and surrender with the ocean.

Perfume: BeLOG


I wrote a series of articles as a helpful introduction to newbies to the world of perfumery. There are 4 articles and, if you are curious, you can find them in the blog section of the website or by following these links: part 1part 2part 3 and part 4

All the information and the materials I was laying down as an example in the articles, started taking shape as a possible winner and I decided to go ahead and make out of this example a finished composition. After some tweaking and retouching, BeLOG, a proud result of teaching, became an exquisite option for daily wear. 

Oddly enough for a perfume, if you read the blog articles (especially #3) you will somehow witness the creative process and read some of the material used to create BeLOG. 


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