A creative mix of spicy and warm florals that teases your nose as it detects a delightful and mysterious hint of fruit. Once you think there is no more left to discover, this welcoming will offer you a bed of sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla that will caress your skin and sooth your senses along the way.



For the modern and active woman. Wear this "yet another form of art" at night and surprise yourself and others with a rush of energy and seductive attitude everybody will find captivating.

Created as an olfactive representation of the company Envision Art Design, by Zanna Osokina, this is an extension of her creativity in the realm of perfumes. It represents the dynamism and vital impulse of a modern, active and self-sufficient woman in charge of its own destiny that envision the creation of marvelous pieces of art to surround living environments. That is why "yet another form of art". From an olfactive point of view, it represents the creativity and mastery of a company that always deliver more and better than what it promises.

Is it floral, spicy, sweet or woody? It is not. It is all.

What was Zanna original request for the female version of the perfume of her company?

"I don't like perfumes that are light or soft. It has to be defined by a strong spiciness around some flowers. Not too sweet, but some fruitiness and maybe some vanilla in there would be nice as well. I like sandalwood, so it has to have some and finally, an Envision Art Design perfume would not be such if it does not have an earth reference, not too strong, but present enough to make a subtle statement" 

If you want to check out Zanna's company website, click here and let your visual sense be surprised. 

 Choose from a 3.5ml mini sprayer, a practical 10ml travel spray size, or a 30ml, 60ml or 100ml spray bottles. 


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