A strong mix of herbs, spices, and woods that calls the inner caveman out.

For the active and dynamic man who is ready to be in charge and for whom adventure comes naturally. ENVISION HOMME, to be worn day or night. You can determine the right moment to use it.


MxScents Envision Homme:


Because you can. 



Created as an olfactive representation of the company Envision Art Design, by Zanna Osokina, this is an extension of her creativity in the realm of perfumes. Its spicy and strong notes are in sync with dynamic modern men, well established, self-confident, and in charge of their own destiny. Those men who can envision, as Zanna, endless ways to make things happen. That is why "yet another form of art". From an olfactive point of view, it represents the creativity and mastery of a company that always deliver more and better than what it promises.

Is it spicy, herbal or woody? It is not. It is all.

What was Zanna original request for the male version of the perfume of her company?

"Well, I described you already the female one. Just pump up the spices, go easy on the flowers and make me believe that I am smelling a man that exists!" 

And just like that, some mint, lime, and basil were mixed with tiny touches of cooler notes like eucalyptus. They were set to rest over a nice supply of spices like cardamom, pepper, coriander, caraway and some others and finally, the whole concoction was imbued with strong vanilla notes, sandalwood and patchouli. A touch of an animalistic essence was drizzled over to give this man's composition that unique personality Zanna was looking for.

If you want to check out Zanna's company website, click here and let your visual sense be surprised. 

 Choose from a 3.5ml mini sprayer, a practical 10ml travel spray size, or a 30ml, 60ml or 100ml spray bottles. 


6041 NE 4th Ave

Oakland Park, FL 33334 - United States



(561) 401-0933


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