For women with a subtle rebelliousness. 

You are modern, mentally active, smart and young.
You wear JUST HER.
The complete experience in just one bottle.

Perfume: JUST HER


Bergamot, Grapefruit and an almost imperceptible hint of lemon is just the beginning of the journey to JUST HER.


Soon this citrusy entrance is replaced with an enchanting bouquet of frangipanis, gardenias, jasmines, violets, and Lillies of the valley. All these wrapped in an almost mystic fruity veil, a reminiscence of figs, plums, and peaches


Just about when you thought it was over, JUST HER caress you with a new layer of musks and woods entertaining the idea that might be still more to come...


And it is! Vanilla plays in and out of the game until slowly, in time, JUST HER became again just her.


Time for another spray?


Choose from a 3.5ml mini sprayer, a practical 10ml travel spray size, or a 30ml, 60ml or 100ml spray bottles. 


6041 NE 4th Ave

Oakland Park, FL 33334 - United States


(561) 401-0933


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