Not sure which MxScent Perfume to choose?

Our Perfume Sampler is your best bet!


Individually priced at $14.99, this sample pack has been discounted 33%. You are only paying $9.99!


It includes five different perfumes, each one in a 2ml vial size:


  • Envision Femme
  • Belog
  • ReAdy
  • SiS
  • Just HER


Along with the sampler, you will receive a 10% discount code to use next time you shop with us.


Our Perfume Sampler makes an ideal gift for the holidays or any occasion.


Limit 3 per customer

PERFUME Sampler 2ml. MINI Vials

$14.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price


A creative mix of spicy and warm florals that teases your nose as it detects a delightful and mysterious hint of fruit. Once you think there is no more left to discover, this welcoming will offer you a bed of sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla that will caress your skin and soothe your senses along the way.



rose peachy creation with a marine background. Along these main notes, you will find some subtleties of spiciness that are played by carnation and a constant inkling of a green accent. There are other soft flowers playing along and at the end, some woods get wet as they clash and surrender with the ocean.



floral ready to conquer. YOU have arrived, so does READY.

Like a RAY of sun, ReAdY will light the path to be you. 
Be ready, READY is waiting and it is strong, as your determination.

A floral mix with character. It goes places. Whenever you are ready. 

It DOES NOT have a problem with being noticed. As you should not either.



Immerse yourself in endless sunbathed meadows and experience their delicate aroma. Relax

soft and calm floral for today's active woman. Take your time. Feel. Smell. Rest.
A captivating subtle hint of floral sexy reality. Chill.
A dazzling familiar experience. Unwind.
A family scent. You are home.


Just HER

For women with a subtle rebelliousness. 

You are modern, mentally active, smart and young.
You wear JUST HER.
The complete experience in just one bottle.


Give this Cologne Sampler as a gift. Bring smiles and spread the love. 


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