Leather and wood. 

Freshly tanned leather.

Deep, mysterious wood.



Unique, strong, powerful and sensual.

Cologne: JUST HIM


This is a different journey: Right from the beginning leather will join you. It is not alone, though. As soon as you apply JUST HIM, MintBergamot, Grapefruit and a hint of Coolness will be trying to make a statement behind the leather. 


You will become accustomed to the leather and this familiarity will let you feel other players aiding once again in the background: Bay, Cinnamon, some fruity note, and more. Can you smell the almost non-existent flowers?  YES!, that's what it was! 


Players come and go in waves, but leather remains. Untouchable. Unique. JUST HIM. Its essence will go away with time. By now you are probably aware of the oud, and the tobacco, and the musk and is that..? Vanilla? Yes. Vanilla it is. But unfortunately, everything comes to an end. 


Maybe is time for another spray?


Choose from a 3.5ml mini sprayer, a practical 10ml travel spray size, or a 30ml, 60ml or 100ml spray bottles.


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