SPICY PETALS Perfume Oil: 
A bright and vivid floral that will bring to mind the peppery spiciness of carnations and its clove-like undertone.



Perfume Oils are alcohol-free and the fragrance is suspended in a carrier oil. We use Safflower High Oleic Oil due to its moisturizing effects. The oil can give your skin a smoother appearance and make it softer. The FDA considers safflower oil an “indirect food additive” that is widely used in the commercial food market. There are no widespread concerns over the use of safflower oil both internally and externally for your skin.



  • They don't irritate the skin whereas alcohol, for some people, is irritating. On the other hand, as an added bonus. Safflower Oil will moisturize your skin.

  • Because alcohol evaporates faster, perfume Oils tend to last longer.

  • They are usually more economical than alcohol spray perfumes.

  • They are less overpowering: even though the concentration of the actual perfume is higher in a Perfume Oil, because of how it is applied it has almost no "sillage" or trail. Perfume Oils remain very close to your skin. It is a much more intimate choice, perceptible only by those close to you. This is a great option for those in professions where the perfume needs to be subdued, such as nurses, teachers, and the like.

Even though nowadays fragrances are mostly genderless and they are used indistinctly by man or woman, we think this perfume leans more towards a FEMININE side. It is of course, entirely up to you, whether to consider it a Feminine, Unisex or Masculine Perfume.