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Why Us


Handmade products:
All our products are handmade. That means that special care was put into the product to make it the best possible quality. This also allows us to make "personalized" products. Feel free to contact us for a specialized label, container, jar or idea. A little extra investment could go a long way. Think about a unique lotion as a souvenir for birthdays or weddings or, why not, your own perfume! If we can make it, we will work with you.

Small batches:
One of the benefits of handmaking our products is that we produce really small batches, allowing us to use always the freshest and purest raw materials thus being able to produce a longer shelf life for the products. Since the batches are small, sometimes you might have between them some differences in color, texture, feel and/or scent. This is ok and you should not worry about it. It just proves that mother nature never makes things always the same way.


Packaging and labels are handmade as well, same as the products. This means that some small aesthetic imperfections might be found on them and that is just because a human being is behind it and not a machine. Rest assure that these do not affect the quality of the actual product itself.  These small imperfections are the cost of not mass producing but having an actual person slowly but surely pouring passion, love, and creativity into the product you receive.


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